About Us



The Creative Perception is a graphic design company offering a variety of creative digital services ranging from flyer creation to website design. Our goal is to assist with enhancing your personal or professional online presence through visual concepts and creative direction. In addition to creating visual concepts for your brand that are more aesthetically pleasing, we also offer practical guidance and basic strategies to fine-tune your marketing approach and bring more awareness to your brand.


The Philosophy

When it comes to marketing your business and enhancing your digital presence, our philosophy is, it's all about perception! How your product, service or event is perceived online can be the difference between a prospective buyer and a loyal customer. Which is why we're here to assess your marketing needs and work with you in creating unique visual concepts that will help you maintain brand consistency and increase your target audience's overall satisfaction.

It's All About Perception!

Hey There!


Tamika Sanders


I’m Tamika, the owner and Lead Design Specialist of The Creative Perception.


After receiving my Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing, but never quite finding my niche in corporate America, I decided to take the leap and fulfill my creative passions through entrepreneurship. I’ve had an interesting journey to say the least, so I’m excited to share and explore this aspect of my gifts with you—even if it’s 10 years later. (Any other late bloomers out there? 👀) 


Anyway, launching this venture has afforded me the creative freedom and flexibility to truly bring my clients’ ideas to life. And along the way I’ve learned—that this is where I thrive! I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work. So I don’t consider my job done unless you're completely satisfied with what I've designed to creatively enhance or communicate your vision. 

"The more I create, the more creative I become." - T. Sanders

I love bright, bold colors, and have a vibrant personality to match. I’m also a visionary, so my creative process consists of being uniquely inspired as I go. In fact, my favorite pastime is traveling around the world—what better way to seek inspiration, right?


Aside from the creative, I'm a sucker for a decadent dessert, beautiful scenery and spontaneous adventure.  So don't be surprised to find me revising your designs from the blue mountains of Australia, or responding to emails while on a flight to Paris. I'm a firm believer that the world is but a canvas for our imagination, and it's up to us to decide if we paint it or leave it blank!


How do you ‘perceive’ your canvas? Let The Creative Perception help bring it to life!



~ Tamika C. Sanders


"Sometimes the biggest obstacle we face is our perception of the things happening around us."